Scottish Drink Of Exceptional Quality

Enjoy With A Botanist

Many people are fans of dibrog drinks. If you want to try something really good, then it’s the botanist.

This drink comes to us from Scotland, from an island and a famous distillery. As far as is known, it is the only hand-made gin in the world. Its production begins with the distillation of 100% Scottish barley. It is based on Victorian technology. No cold filtering is used here and no additional colors are used. The distillation process takes about 17 hours, so that all the herbs can release their aromas nicely. The difference between industrial and handmade gin is huge, as you can see for yourself.


In addition to barley, twenty-two other plants are placed in the botanist. The harvesting of these plants is done manually and at the exact time. It is very important that any medicinal plant is harvested at the time when it provides its maximum. The plants we put are thyme, camomile, cornflower, lemongrass and many other plants that you can find out about at the botanist. All these plants are harvested by hand, so each one is carefully selected. Due to this variety of herbs, this drink has incredible aromas that give it subtlety, as well as a taste that you will be delighted with.

Botanist dry gin, you can use to make many cocktails. You will certainly delight your guests if you make them a cauldron in which this drink is also placed. The taste of the cocktail will be amazing, and the refreshment will be excellent.

This drink is best served with a tonic with the addition of a slice of lime or grapefruit. Of course, you also need a lot of ice.

If you want to drink an incredibly good drink, one click on the botanist is enough. You will certainly be satisfied with the purchase of this drink, as will your guests.